Unveiling Eastern Underwear's Mesmerizing Shoots

Step into a world where art, heritage, and nature interwine as we want to show you results of our captivating photoshoots. Eastern Underwear, in collaboration with the visionary Paris-based Russian photographer Andrei Kariakin, embarked on a journey to capture the essence of our brand amidst two breathtaking locations.


Our latest shoot, held in June, unfolded within the enchanting walls of Palais de Tokyo, Europe's largest center for contemporary creation. Situated in the heart of Paris, this audacious and pioneering space pulsates with the creative energy of today's artists. As we set foot in the Palais de Tokyo, we were met with a world of endless possibilities.

 Phot. Andrei Kariakin 


Against the backdrop of this architectural masterpiece, our models exuded confidence and grace, their allure heightened by the contrast between delicate lingerie and the grandeur of the surroundings. We ventured beyond the conventional, exploring the museum square and capturing pictures against the walls, but also daring to push boundaries by venturing into the majestic Fontaine, immersing ourselves in its splendor.


woman in fontaine, palais de tokyo, art photography, green pool
Phot. Andrei Kariakin 


The Palais de Tokyo provided a captivating stage for our creations, an emblematic setting where art and beauty merged seamlessly. As we clicked the shutter, a symphony of elegance unfolded, capturing the essence of Eastern Underwear and the spirit of contemporary creation.


Phot. Andrei Kariakin  


But let us not forget our previous shoot, which took place in May at La Petite Ceinture, the abandoned railway that once encircled Paris. This hidden gem, steeped in history and surrounded by the lush embrace of nature, offered a unique backdrop for our vision.


Originally developed during the Second Empire, La Petite Ceinture served as a lifeline for Parisians. Today, sections of this railway have been transformed into public green spaces (which so far are mysterious and still not known to everyone), offering a haven where biodiversity and nature flourish. Against this backdrop, our lingerie became a vibrant expression of femininity, a testament to the harmonious coexistence of urban life and the natural world.


Phot. Andrei Kariakin  


We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with talented Andrei as well as models - Lily, Eva, Blossom and Lisa, who brought our vision to life. Their presence added an authentic touch, infusing each image with a sense of realness and connection. Their beauty and confidence merged seamlessly with the captivating locations, creating an atmosphere of enchantment and allure.


Phot. Andrei Kariakin 


Through our collaboration with Andrei and our models, Eastern Underwear continues to evolve, always seeking to unveil the unique beauty that resides within each and every one of us.


Join us in celebrating the fusion of art, heritage, and nature. Eastern Underwear invites you to explore our latest collection. Let our lingerie become your canvas for self-expression, as we embrace the captivating beauty that lies within.


Phot. Andrei Kariakin 
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